Let us Explore, Experience and Express 

Exploring and experiencing the ways, means and ends to a fulfilled way of life

  • What is life? 

  • Is there any meaning and purpose to our lives? 

  • Is it possible to live a fully fulfilled life or is it just 

    a utopian ideal? 

  • Do we know what we really want? 

  • Are we honestly able to discriminate between our 

    desires and our needs? 

  • Are there any means or skills that could bring us closer to a fulfilled life ?

  • Is a guru or a spiritual master necessary on the path ?

  • Is the process of evolution natural or nurtured?

Let the seeking be based on our actual need. Focus on being realistic, rather than trying to realize a conceptual goal.

- Sri Babuji

Sri Sai Baba Satsang